“The Lifetime Collection of Dr. Ivan Volent”
& "Champagne Dreams"


It’s been just a short time since we saw you in early September for our spectacular 2-day sale, which realized $8.5M in sales and set an astounding 374 New World Records. And we’re doing it again for our second Delaware sale of the Fall season; another 2-day extravaganza beginning with another single cellar session on Friday, October 15th at 9am, the collection of Dr. Ivan Volent, followed by a Champagne-filled celebration and second session “Champagne Dreams” beginning at 5pm! It’s going to be a day-night doubleheader, and we are ready to play!

PARCELS OF 2005 bordeaux and a parade of petrus

Bordeaux is always a good place to start wine collecting as well as commence a sale, and several seasoned consignors agree coming together offer over one hundred lots to get things started on the correct foot with top chateaux from both the Left and Right banks of the Gironde. Hard to believe the profound 2005 vintage is almost sixteen years young already! I have finally started to sample this vintage more regularly, and I have been extremely impressed. This vintage has it all! Move over 2000 IMO!!!

Here to start the celebration are multi-case parcels of the Beausejour Duffau Lagrosse, Duhart Milon, La Conseillante and Pontet Canet as well as cases of Calon Segur, Cheval Blanc, Cos, Ducru, Haut Brion, Figeac, Lafite, Leoville Las Cases and more. We march onto further parcels of 1995 and 1996 Montrose as well as 1986 and 1996 Mouton. A couple of consignors have Petrus on the mind and who can blame them with a 1990 double magnum, 2010 magnums, a six-pack of 2005, a full case of 1982, four cases of 1983, and five, yes 5 cases of the renowned 1990 Petrus in their original wood cases!!!!! The 1983 and 1990 parcels actually come from the same family cellar purchased on release! They were bequeathed to two different family members! The procession of 1990 parcels continues with three cases of 1990 Cheval Blanc (another one of my favorites!!!) and four from 1990 Mouton, and there are additional 1982 bottles from Lafite, Latour and Mouton.

The rollcall of outstanding Bordeaux ready to fill your cellar continues with 1988 d’Yquem, 1961 Lafite, 2000 Lafite magnums, 1989 Lynch Bages magnums and 2003 Margaux double magnums. We encounter dizzying heights of Bordeaux delight with dueling fifty-three bottle verticals of both Lafite and Margaux arching over the 1958 through 2010 vintages. We get a little help from our friends outside of Bordeaux with cases of 1991 Guigal La Landonne and La Mouline as well as 1972 La Tache, 2000 Romanee Conti and 2002 Screaming Eagle, but make no mistake about it, this is an incredible opening act of some of the finest and rarest Bordeaux! Bravo!!! All wines properly stored.

Dazzling DRC & Leroy

We’re looking forward to our second Delaware sale of the fall season on Friday October 15th and a marvelous morning presenting our second single cellar session in two months: The Lifetime Collection of Dr. Ivan Volent !!!

It is an honor and pleasure to present wines from the estate of Dr. Ivan Volent, a top scientist at Los Alamos National Laboratory with numerous important patents to his name. Buying his wine to drink, the doctor was a stickler for provenance and stored his wine meticulously. Dr. Volent was well known to our dear friend Martine Saunier, and he frequently bought his Leroy directly through her channels when she was the official importer. She proclaimed, “Yes he only drank DRC or Leroy daily, and my distributor at that time sold him his allocation but that goes back to the 90s! You got a gold mine!” The doctor’s spectacular collection includes more than 70 lots of dazzling Domaine de la Romanee Conti and Leroy!

The selection of Domaine de La Romanee Conti and Domaine Leroy, and also d’Auvenay and Maison Leroy, is simply amazing with its depth, quality and quantity, particularly in stand out vintages that are just hitting their plateau of maturity. This collection could easily be a sale unto itself and deservedly we give Dr. Volent’s cellar its own session. There is more than four million dollars of Burgundy gold in this cellar,  a tribute to his tremendous collecting acumen and passion for these two producers that are pillars of Burgundy’s best.

There are thirty tremendous lots of Domaine de la Romanee Conti with dueling 1985 Grands and Echezeaux leading the charge. La Tache unfurls the peacock’s tail of kaleidoscopic Burgundian complexity with a baker’s dozen selections going back to 1966 and showcasing full cases and then some of the classic 1985, 1990 and 1993 vintages!!! Romanee Conti itself reels in the years all the way back to a spectacular bottle of 1959, joined by seven bottles of 1985, a case of 1988 and two cases of 1990!! It is rare to find a six-pack of Romanee Conti, Romanee Conti these days, much less multiple twelve bottle cases of top vintages!! We round out this fabulous assortment of DRC with Richebourg and Romanee St. Vivant from the storied vintages of the 1980s.

Lovely Lady Leroy is not to be outdone and unfolds the stories of forty-seven selections from her eponymous Domaine. There are nine lots of Chambertin highlighted by two plus cases of the epic 1990 vintage (in OWC), and the case by case parade of Leroy continues with a case of 1990 Clos de la Roche, as well as two cases each of 1991 Musigny, 1990 Richebourg, 1990 Romanee St. Vivant, and 1990 Beaux Monts (all in OWC!). Drink one case now and keep the other for investment!  We have a by the bottle brigade strutting as well with 1988 Chambertin, 1993 Clos de la Roche, 1996 los Vougeot, 1993 Latricieres, 1990 Musigny, 1991 Richebourg and 1988 Romanee St. Vivant. A rare full case of 1993 Bonnes Mares headlines five selections of d’Auvenay. Hot stuff!!!

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